Shashvi Night Ointment

Shashvi Night Ointment

Sleep Aid for Insomnia. Natural Sleeping Remedy with Essential Oil. Relaxation from Stress. Increase Melatonin, Sleep Supplement, Sleep Headphones, Sleep Pillow (Pack of 2)

100% Ayurvedic patented formula. No Alcohol/ Chemicals/Stabilizers. Ayurvedic Ingredients like Pure Camphor, Blended Natural aroma oil, Mustard oil, Organic Beeswax. Non-Habit Forming.

Stress relief, Migraine, Stress causes Insomnia (Sleeplessness), breakout skin (Psoriasis), Not able sleep due to pain, mood swings etc. The allopathic drugs available are having various side effects and habit-forming issues.

Our blend of traditional herbs creates an effect that is Non-Toxic. Cools, Soothes & Calms with healthy and natural oils, essential oils and herbs, which absorb in the skin very fast and help feel relaxed & stress free.

Shashvi Night Ointment may be used for Holistic Health with or without Acupuncture, Acupressure, Foot Massage, Chamomile Tea, Sleep Tea, Earplugs, Sleep Aids, Sleeping Mat, Nasal Strips, Sleeping Pills and more.

We are Government of India recognised innovative company that offers Natural & Organic Herbal treatment for insomnia. Suitable for all age groups. Clinically tested.

Sizes:- Available in 2 sizes – 30g & 9g

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