Pitta Dosha

Pitta Dosha

Pitta is recognized by its attributes: hot, light, fluid, subtle, sharp, malodorous, soft and clear. It governs heat, temperature and all chemical reactions.

In its normal state, Pitta is responsible for digestion, heat, visual perception, hunger, thirst, luster of skin, intelligence, determination, courage, and softness of the body. When it is aggravate there will be yellow discoloration of urine, feces, eyes, and skin, and may create hunger, thirst, burning, and difficult sleep.

Pitta’s home is in the small intestine, stomach, sweat, sebum, blood, plasma, and sense of sight. It’s chief location is the small intestine where it accumulates and can also be directly expelled from the body.

Constitutional Traits

Pitta people are usually of medium height, with moderate weight, frame, and muscle development. Their chests are not as flat as Vata-predominant people and reveal fewer veins and tendons. They also have less prominent bones, but many moles or freckles, which may be bluish or brownish-red.

Their complexion is coppery, yellowish, reddish or fair. The skin is soft and warm with fewer wrinkles than Vata. It has color and may be flushed. The hair is thin, silky, red or brownish and tends towards early graying or baldness. The eyes are grey, green, or copper-brown with medium prominence and often poor vision. The conjunctiva is more moist, and may also have a copper color. The nails are soft and the nose is sharp and reddish.

They have a strong metabolism, appetite, and digestion, and can take a lot of food and drink. They enjoy things that are cool and refreshing. They have moderate sleep that’s less interrupted than Vata. They have yellow, soft, and plentiful feces, and sweat a lot. Their body is hot and hands and feet are warm. They don’t tolerate too much heat or sunlight.

They are intelligent and sharp, with good speaking and comprehension skills. They tend towards anger, jealousy, and even hatred, and can be ambitious leaders.

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