Health According to Ayurveda

The purpose of Ayurveda is to tell us and help understand how our lives can be influenced, shaped, extended and managed according to changing seasons, biological age etc.The entire health revolves around how one manages three physiological factors Vata Pitta and Kapha, before they became pathological.

Ayurveda Health

Vata-Pitta-Kapha constantly change according to season, age, how one eats, drinks etc. One who is able to keep above in balance enjoys health. A verse from Sushruta Samhita Ayurveda Health. According to Ayurveda, the Doshas Vata-Pitta-Kapha, when are perfectly balanced, Agni properly works (13 types of Agnis), wastes are properly excreted, all the senses are blissful, that is when it is called Perfect Health. Health is of utmost importance according to Ayurveda, every human or animal kingdom activity is governed by good health.

Ayurveda tells us about every aspect of health, including Mental Health and experience of Bliss, Balanced health rests upon various factors, including diet, sleep, celibacy, panchkarma, yoga and meditation, intake of rasayanas and spiritual healing, which includes chanting hymns, yagya etc.

Diet plays a very important role, infact, Diet in itself is a ‘Medicine’. It determines the state of mind as well as of the body. As per Charaka, a learned person having control over senses should always eat healthy foods in moderate quantity in all seasons.When diet is proper, they medicine is of no need. When diet is improper, then medicine is of no use. Our physical and mental health is very much dependent on having a good night’s sleep. Improper sleep leads to many diseases, especially aggravates Vata.

Patters of sleep also vary from person to person and season to season, depending upon their Prakrati or body type and the current condition of their physiology, e.g. sleeping during the daytime is alright during summers and afternoon sleep for a diabetic person is very unhealthy. Panchkarma is also very important to balance doshas and prevent diseases. Once the disease has set in, even then Panchkarma is useful as it helps the body clean itself and get rid of toxins.

Ayurveda thus offers health through :

  • Diet and its rules.
  • Sleep patterns.
  • Celibacy (Physically & Mentally).
  • Regular Panchkarma (season or disease wise).
  • Exercise (Yoga or other exercises).
  • Spiritual healing (chanting hymns, Yagyas, Balis etc.).
  • Rasayanas (health maintenance).